Top 3 tips for restaurant owners when purchasing POS systems

Having a restaurant is a huge accomplishment. Unfortunately, 80% of restaurants fail in their first three to five years, and one of the most recurring reasons is that they lacked a proper system. Restaurants are not easy to manage, and before picking the best system, you need to have a number of facts in mind. Point of sale systems are continually flooding the markets, and each one is different from another in various aspects. [Read More]

Three Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sushi

Sushi is perhaps the most popular seafood. Like many other people, what you might have heard about sushi might have made you curious enough to want to try this dish. Before you set out for your first sushi experience, you might want to learn a thing or two about the dish. Here are three interesting facts you probably don't know about sushi. Sushi Is Not Raw Fish This will probably come as a shocker to many. [Read More]

Food Catering | 3 Clever Ideas For Hosting An Appetiser-Only Office Party

If you're tasked with planning an office party, then an appetiser-only get-together may be a good way to score brownie points with your manager. You won't have to do much work, especially when you hire a specialised finger food catering company to take care of the whole gala with minimal intervention from you. This guide offers you clever ideas for hosting an appetiser-only office party. Delight Colleagues With An Array Of Food Menu Choices [Read More]