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Food Catering | 3 Clever Ideas For Hosting An Appetiser-Only Office Party

If you're tasked with planning an office party, then an appetiser-only get-together may be a good way to score brownie points with your manager. You won't have to do much work, especially when you hire a specialised finger food catering company to take care of the whole gala with minimal intervention from you. This guide offers you clever ideas for hosting an appetiser-only office party.

Delight Colleagues With An Array Of Food Menu Choices

Nothing will excite your colleagues more than food options that expand beyond the stodgy expectations. Even if you're planning only appetisers, you can add a variety of choices to cater to all kinds of taste buds without leaving anyone out. Satiate the palate of your carnivorous colleagues by choosing a variety of meat entrees available from the finger food catering company. But don't forget your vegetarian and vegan colleagues who need to be considered too when planning the appetiser menu.

Get The Meal Served Buffet Style

When you throw an office party, colleagues are bound to walk in at different times based on when they finish work. In this instance, serving individual plates to each person can prove to be a challenging task.  Trays of hot and cold appetisers served buffet style are perfect for an office party because they allow your guests to choose foods they want at their own convenience. So, some colleagues can enjoy themselves at the bar, while the hungrier ones tackle the food counters first.

Get An Allergy-RSVP To Ensure You Cater To Allergies And Intolerances

Keep in mind that some of your colleagues may be allergic to nuts and seafood, while others may be on strict gluten-free diets or are lactose intolerant. This can prove to be challenging for you to understand on your own. The best way to tackle this situation is to get all your colleagues to RSVP with any allergies or intolerances. You can then get the finger food catering company to suggest allergy-free dishes and plan quantities based on the RSVPs you receive for allergy food choices. When you're planning the menu for diverse people in your office, your best option may be to avoid allergy or intolerance-causing dishes completely for the benefit of everyone involved.

If you're planning an appetiser-only office party, consider these clever ideas when working with a finger food catering company. For more information, talk to a professional in your immediate area.