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Top 3 tips for restaurant owners when purchasing POS systems

Having a restaurant is a huge accomplishment. Unfortunately, 80% of restaurants fail in their first three to five years, and one of the most recurring reasons is that they lacked a proper system. Restaurants are not easy to manage, and before picking the best system, you need to have a number of facts in mind. Point of sale systems are continually flooding the markets, and each one is different from another in various aspects. So if you want to glue your place in the market, then here are a few tips to get the best system.

Go for mPOS systems

No business needs an mPOS system as much as a restaurant does. Simply put, mPOS software is a point of sale system that can be used at any location. It's well integrated with your phone, so you'll be able to manage your restaurant wherever you are. Vendors can utilise these systems when budgeting for produce in the farms and food trucks can use mPOS software at any location they're in. This makes running your restaurant a lot easier. Apart from mobility, you'll also benefit from their ease of use and would spend a lot less in training your staff. Waiters can move around and take orders conveniently on their iPads.

Consider your restaurant's niche

One huge mistake people make is forgetting to consider the exact specifications you require. There is no one size fits all when it comes to purchasing POS systems. Simply getting the system with the most reviews won't be enough. The smaller the niche your restaurant focuses in, the more the reason to purchase specialised software. If your main line is pizzas, then get a software that addresses the complexities involved with pizza ordering. Ensure it captures the complete ordering process including toppings, modifiers, crust, and sizes among others. That's why you need to have a comprehensive demonstration phase before you purchase the software. Here, you'll be able to see how the software performs under each business process.

Be wary of industry changes

Also, ensure you keep an ear on the changes that are happening in the restaurant industry. The use of EMV readers for payments, for instance, would require that the POS systems integrate such functionality. The mobile phone wave would also necessitate the integration of these POS systems on smartphones. So don't purchase systems without planning ahead. You could also get a system that can be further upgraded by the same vendor without the requirement of buying new software.