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Event Catering Supplies for Weddings

Catering to a large crowd usually becomes easier when you have the right supplies to hand. When you can boast of having certain machines, you may gain an edge over your competitors. Here are some supplies to consider adding to your portfolio so you can capture more wedding contracts.

Hot Dog Carts and Grills 

Although a lot of wedding breakfasts involve formal sit-down dinners, many also feature parties that go on into the night. A lot of soon-to-be-married couples recognise the value of catering to their guests during those parties; especially when alcohol is involved. One popular option is hot dogs. They're popular amongst a lot of people and palatable when drinking. If you do choose to add hot dog carts and grills to your event catering supplies, consider other factors. For example, can you provide vegan and gluten-free options? If you can, mentioning your ability to do so when advertising this service can help you attract niche customers.

Ice Cream and Slushy Machines

Many people favour the idea of hosting their wedding on a sunny day. However, while sunshine allows for great photos and an excellent guest atmosphere, it does leave people feeling as though they want to cool down. As such, they may be enticed by the idea of hiring an ice cream or slushy machine for the day. Ice creams can bring a festival or fete-like atmosphere to weddings, so you can make this clear to your potential guests. If you use slushy machines, you'll be able to keep children happy. Depending on your alcohol license, you might also be able to use them to provide unique beverages, such as frozen daiquiris and margaritas. 

Popcorn Carts

Another concession that can create a festival-like atmosphere is a popcorn cart. Choosing a popcorn cart that has a vintage theme also means you're offering equipment that has a lot of aesthetic value. Unlike some concessions, they often provide rapid results, and you can use them throughout the day. If you do invest in a popcorn machine, make sure you also look into the supplies that need to go with it. For example, scoops and bags that will hold the popcorn. You may also want to decide on how you'll flavour the popcorn too. If you're going to offer butter or syrups, make sure you factor in health and safety implications too.

Overall, broadening the concessions you own can make you more attractive to those who need a caterer for their wedding. As a result, you should see your bookings increase.

Speak to an event catering supply service to learn more about your options.