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A Guide On Event Catering Supply

Do you intend to open a catering business? A significant challenge experienced by new caterers is finding the right supplies for their catering business. Below is a guide on the various supplies you should consider for your event. 


Your customers will enjoy fresh farm produce as opposed to dried or canned products. As such, you could buy the products from fresh farm markets in your locality. You could also opt to use online markets that will deliver farm produce straight to your doorstep. Conduct some research to ascertain the reputation of the various sellers. For example, some will deal with organic products that have been farmed using natural methods. You could also convert some space in your compound into a vegetable or spice garden. High-quality flours, oils and spices may be a bit expensive. However, they will ensure tasty foods that will leave a lasting impression.


Soft drinks and water can be purchased in wholesale from your local supermarket. If your guests require fresh juices and cocktails at the event, go for easy-to-make beverages that can be prepared in a minute or two. It is difficult to maintain the quality of sophisticated drinks that require multiple and hard to acquire ingredients. If your client requires these drinks, you could pre-make them or hire professional mixologists to prepare them on-site.  

Cups and Plates

The type of event will determine what kind of plates and cups you will use. Disposable plastic cups and plates are ideal for kids' parties and large festivals where guests may not take good care of your utensils. However, you may require quality bone china, stoneware or porcelain cups and plates for high profile ceremonies such as wedding dinners and corporate events. 

Serving Stations

Your serving station should be large enough to place cutlery and all the foods on the menu. Besides, it acts as a small kitchen to prepare instant foods such as salads and eggs. You will need chafing dishes or food warmers to keep food warm. Electric cookers are ideal for outdoor events where wind might put out gas cookers. Besides they are easier and safer to transport.

You will also require a tent to protect kitchen equipment at the serving station from dust and rain. Your tent should accommodate all your equipment and staff. With adequate funds, you could hire the tent from an event hire company in your locality. 

Maintain high-quality standards by attending catering expos or conducting internet research on new market trends. Besides, provide your clients with a tasting to help incorporate their tastes and preferences into the food you prepare. 

To learn more, talk to a company that offers event catering supply.