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Trends to Consider for Your Wedding's Catering

Although you and your new spouse will be the centre of attention on your big day, chances are you still want to make your wedding memorable for your guests. One of the sure-fire ways of doing this is ensuring you have a menu to wow your attendees. However, not many couples want to experiment with their wedding's menu. Instead, they choose conventional catering services simply to ensure that their guests will be well fed. For astounding meal service, you should look for exciting ways to make your guests enjoy the experience. Once you hire professional services, consider the following trends for your wedding's catering.

Global fusion cuisine

One of the trends that have taken wedding catering by storm is choosing a menu characterised by a global fusion of meals. This trend is especially hot for couples with a multicultural background, but it works well with anybody that wants to inject a sense of wanderlust in their wedding catering menu. The key to fusing global cuisine successfully in your wedding menu is to identify classic staples from your countries of inspiration. Thus, you get to highlight main foods from across the globe, and this plays out excellently if you have a multicultural guest list too!

Miniature presentation

Another hot trend in the wedding catering industry is going miniature with your food presentations. Miniature foods will be ideal for cocktail hour when guests may be peckish but there is still a while to go before the main meal. The great thing about miniature food presentations is that you can be as creative with the foodstuffs as you like! For example, rather than tomato soup bowls, you could have your guests served shots of the soup in shot glasses. Another way to make use of miniature presentations is serving shrimp bites in tartar sauce on a spoon. Whatever your taste in food, you have no limits when it comes to miniature presentations.

Late eats

An assumption people make about wedding receptions is that as long as the guests eat their fill during the main meal, then there will be no need for more food. But how many times have you stayed late at a wedding, only to find yourself looking for a snack and wondering if the hotel is still serving food? Late eats at your wedding are especially great if your venue is a remote location and your guests cannot get alternative snacks. A food truck right at the venue can provide an array of snacks ranging from grilled cheese sammies to pizza slices! 

Contact a wedding catering company for additional ideas.